Welcome to Clear Spring Elementary, where we champion each child's unique potential and nurture their success! Our mission? To inspire personal growth, academic achievement, and an enriched learning experience for every student. Our highest goal is that each student reaches their maximum potential. 
Our dedicated teachers collaborate closely with students, crafting tailored academic goals and providing extra support when required. We believe in maximizing learning time, ensuring a balanced, comprehensive education. We cultivate an environment that's both productive and pleasant.
At Clear Spring Elementary, we are more than just a school - we are a vibrant, inclusive community. We continually adapt our culture to reflect the evolving needs of our diverse student body and staff, ensuring a welcoming, safe space for all.
As we continue to grow, we will hold true to our traditions and the community feel we all love and cherish. At the same time, we place your child’s safety as our top priority. We know you have entrusted us with your children, and we take this gift very seriously. It is a priority that our school provides effective communication and a safe environment for our CSES families. 
We treasure the strong bonds we forge with parents and families, understanding their vital role in our students' journey. Join us at Clear Spring Elementary, where every child is celebrated!
Lindsey Painter
Clear Spring Elementary